ID Kit Walkthrough


The Home page introduces new users to your company and ID Kit.


The About Page goes into detail, explaining your companies purpose and how ID Kit serves as a tool for brand managment.

ID Guide

An online version of your Identity guide resides here. This assists designers, printers and brand managers in defining your brand peramaters.

This web-based system enables you to house and distribute their brand guidelines in a central repository that is then accessible, as needed, to a select group worldwide.


This page is where your brand assets are available for download. ID Kit centralizes all your corporate identity guidelines and assets, logos, artwork, in a private, managed website. Your ID KIT website is the centralized toolkit to ensure all brand managers, designers, and creatives have easy access to your organizations current brand elements.


This page is where existing publications are available for download. Publications such as your Sell Sheets, Letterhead, Identity Guide, etc. are housed here for distrobution as needed, to a select group worldwide.